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The Shift Dress

Hey guys, i can’t believe that its been like two months since my last post, i could swear its only been two weeks because it doesn’t really feel like its been that long. Well, my photographer, my dear little brother who just came to visit me went back, hence  my little break, but am praying he comes back, he’s promised he will, so my fingers are crossed he does. Nevertheless, i was lucky to find myself a friend who was willing to help me this time. It seems like photography isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so you need to find someone who is really interested.dsc_1269



So, i’ve had this dress for a while now, like 4 years to be exact, and its one of my cherished pieces in my wardrobe because really, its not that easy to find a perfect shift dress especially when it comes to fit. It this has beautiful bead detailing at the back and arms which make it quite heavy and the satin material makes it a perfect evening wear. its very simple and chic. And of course, anything easy to style, am always drawn to.



I added a pair of studded pink heels, i love the height of these heels, you could walk, run and dance in them, they are very comfy and added a burgundy clutch that i recently thrifted as well.




I hope you love the look as much as i do and by the way, i noticed that my dress easily christens up, or maybe i just didn’t do a good job at ironing it, LOL. Anyways thanks, and  i hope you have a fabulous week.


Dress:thrifted, Clutch:Thrifted, Shoes: Local Boutique, Watch: Avon


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