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Denim & Mules


A pair of jeans is everyone’s staple, we all know how easy peasy it is to style and of course, its just number one on comfort. I’ve never really loved dressing up in denim because every time i have worn jeans, i have gone for comfort, meaning I’m just laid back and not wanting to put too much effort on my outfit. But well, mr jeans just knows that he exudes this power to make any outfit go from Zero to a hundred in a snap if the right items are added to him LOL.

So am so big on finding a right pair of shoes before anything else , and well, in my little wardrobe, mules were just the way to go, theres everything to love about them guys, and i remember finding these babies at the store and falling in love, its usually the case for most of my items but mules guys, they are legit, (i got them from legit by the way) they are the real deal, these scream chic all the way. It was an inspired look, denim and mules, why not? so i added another item , the faux fur gilet or vest which has also joined my little group of favorites. So conventional and yet trendy, usually, those don’t go together.

DSC_0265DSC_0248DSC_0279DSC_0263 DSC_0235DSC_0288

I hope August began well for all of you, and guys,  time is really flying, it feels like yesterday when we just began this year and we already in the eighth month, wherever its rushing to, we wouldn’t know … i don’t even wanna ask myself about the plans i made for the year, the goals i set and all that because it does NOT look GOOD. But anyways, we keep moving, thats the motto.

Love and peace…


Jeans and Shoes: Legit,  Fur vest: Fashion Express, Bodysuit: Mr Price, Bag: Local Boutique, Neckchain and Cuff: Mr Price, Rings: Avon



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