in my wardrobe

The Brown Effect



I would like to think that being all matchy matchy  is never interesting… but what if you bring interesting pieces together, well thats what i did, the shoes and the bag made me think this could be an interesting laid back outfit despite all the pieces having the same shade of color.


I’m so grateful to the universe for the top bun, this little arrangement saves me on bad hair days. I swear this is the only hairstyle i know if my head has no weave or braids on it anytime and anywhere.

How would you guys style this dress?  let me know.

Thanks for passing by,


Dress: local Boutique, Shoes: Fashion Express, Bag, Fashion Express


6 thoughts on “The Brown Effect

  1. Well u did justice to the dress hun, I wouldn’t style it any better than what you did. The hair style is very perfect for that dress I think, because of the way the dress neckline is designed. Loved how you put all the pieces together..😘😘😘

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