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Friday Blues

hey lovelies, impressive right… Another blog post already… Hooray!!! i literally jumped up whilst typing this, yes, like really. Well, my week has been Ah-mazing, i just received the best package ever (lol.. shoes), so am very excited and i just think i’ll never have enough of them.  And just generally, am trying to make things as positive as possible and making sure that in everything i do, am serious and committed, i must say its easier said that done, but hey, life demands it.


So i”ll tell you about this little outfit, or suit, well, i was thrifting and i found this big huge giant dress that had like the best material, so thick and the color was just so rich that i thought i could transform into something that i would wear, i bought it and turned it into a crop top, because am crazy about those now and a tiny body-con skirt, it really turned out pretty well, i love the fit, and i must say, well customized *wink*. And both can be styled and paired with other items , which is a plus.


Its not just easy to style to style on other clothes but easy to pair with whatever shoes and whatever color, at first i wanted to pair it with white stiletto pumps which were going to be gorgeous but i thought, a pop of color would be better and i think these color-blocked platforms rocked .


Wow, like right now am having a clutch disaster, its not even funny, i just realized i,ve collected so many things except for clutches, whenever i’ve needed one, i’ve always used this one or this other studded one which are both very old and got them from my favorite store ever, Mr Price, well don’t we all love it?! haha


But i think i have been gifted with two, one is made out of chitenge(ankara), my aunt gave it to me plus a gold one that a darling friend of mine lent me, but she’s never asked for it back, so, i guess its mine now.


So whilst am hoping i can buy more clutches, i’ll try to keep using the ones in my little collection. And wow, am so posed up in these pics, its not even funny, but hey, we’ll get there.

Hope you guys enjoy your Friday and i hope you have an awesome weekend ahead.



Shoes: Fashion Express,  Skirt and Top: Thrifted ,  Clutch: Mr Price














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