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Another Beginning

Well i must say, its been such an extremely long hiatus, i wont even dare make promises this time because really, they do not look good. But hey, i’ll keep hoping this time it gets better and see how far we gonna get. so much has been happening and i must say am glad to come back to my blog and have as much fun as i can.


well this outfit is pretty special to me because, first of all, i have never thought shorts would look good on me, i don’t why but i just did, and when i found this little outfit, it was love at first sight, i just had to own whether it looked good on me or not, but thankfully,i loved the way i looked and i must say it was a perfect fit.right now, its my favourite in my little wardrobe right now.
The details on it are just perfect add-ons and i paired it with black high heeled sandals which i think make it a simple but chic look for a day or fun night out.
I managed to wear it to a fashion show on saturday evening but i couldn’t make it in heels, its extremely cold so i just wore them with my always go to Espadrilles, those are my saviors guys, coz i wear them with absolutely anything and i manage to feel good about it. haha. and i added a faux fur vest which is quite a staple for me at the moment as well, talk about loving everything, lol!!
i wish i took pictures of the fashion show really, but it was too cold i guess, i couldn’t even hold the phone properly. never the less, it was lovely. just a little sneak peak though.
Hope you guys enjoyed my post after a long while.


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