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Am Backkk!!!

hey everyone, first of all, i must say happy new new!!! i bet every one is having an awesome one, with all the resolutions that am sure we all had put in place, its being such an awesome year. For me, having had huge transitions from having a new job to having my own little place in a whole different town, meaning new people, new environment and maybe a little bit of a new lifestyle,all in all, my life is awesome, i cant say am not happy. i abandoned my blogging for a while(yes,a long while) but i had a lot on me. and i know since am working towards its growth, it would have improved if i had been consistent, but anyways, its better late than never right?Image


well, this is not much of an outfit post… its a HAPPY post… was just in simple cowboy boots and my fave dress at the moment. more posts and more fun are gonna come right up on this blog. Positivity and seriousness is now the theme of this blog. Thanks for passing by.


boots: foschini, Dress and vest: Mr price


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