On My Wishlist

Happy sunday guys, I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I had such a long week that I didn’t even have time to post an outfit that I intended to. But I just thought I could share with you some of the things that I have been dying to have. If I got my hands on them I swear, i’d literally die. Uum well, not literally. But well, a girl is allowed to dream, isn’t she?




But the major ones are split skirts, I so want a split skirt, I just love how it takes u back to the 90s and how just wearing it makes you chic, high waisted pants,  stilletto sandals, a black body fitting maxi skirt, crop tops, 10 of them wouldn’t be a bad idea to own and a pair of sneaker wedges. I mean they are just a must have in the wardrobe. Anyways… I hope I could get these looks and I’d be so happy to update u guys.

And on the other side, this is what am listening to… I have a very unusual playlist though!!
Kakambidwe – Pompi
Again and again – Jewel
Beneath your beautiful – Labrinth ft Emeli Sande
American honey – Lady antebullum
Fine China – Chris Brown
Antenna – Fuse ODG
Cowboy take me away – Dixie Chicks
He won’t go – Adele
Mistletoe- Justin Bieber
The house that built me – miranda Lambert
Wa mpaleha – Lira
Listen to your heart – Alicia keys
Disturbia – Rihanna
3:16 – Jhene Aiko
Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
Touch – Amerie
All over – Gyptian


Those are songs that I listen to over and over, and its like I listen to all songs Taylor Swift, she’s totally my girl.
Have an awesome weekend guys. Thanks for passing by… What’s on your current wishlist?


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