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Denim On Leather

hey lovelies, i bet you having a great week, well, like i said on my last post, my friend and i attended miss intellect, just like any other day, i was struggling to find something to wear. it was held at night and definitely it was gonna get cold so i had to look for an outfit which was gonna help me with that. so i wore a denim top and leather leggings and cap toe pointed heels. i sort of tied it at the front to just add an extra oomph rather than it being plain.Image/ ImageImage,Image, Image i didnt get to take pictures at the event, i tell you we were freezing cold and none of us could hold a camera, unfortunately we didn’t even get to finish the show because my friend kept on mumbling about how cold it was and she just wanted to leave, but anyways, we didn’t miss out on alot though we missed out on the most important part…the crowning.ImageImage

Well, i made my own little photo shoot, thanks to my brother and my awesome cousin and relived the night with the same outfit. what do you think? comment below…


11 thoughts on “Denim On Leather

    1. U are welcum Neha and thank u so much you took time to check mine out… We definitely following each other from now!!! U have a regular visitor on ur blog now from now!!! Thanks for the lovely comment…

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