hey guys, i hope you are great and had a great weekend. i did and am seriously having Monday blues and this place is really hot.Well, what choice do we have apart from having fun in it. ImageImageImageImageImage


i wore this outfit simply to style my shoes. i cant believe i found these  in pep stores, they are so gorgeous…. was love at first site. the color and the cap toe trend(which am crazy about) had me drawn to these heels. 


what do you think of how i styled them?


skirt: jets, crop top Mr price, heels: pep stores.


Am Backkk!!!

hey everyone, first of all, i must say happy new new!!! i bet every one is having an awesome one, with all the resolutions that am sure we all had put in place, its being such an awesome year. For me, having had huge transitions from having a new job to having my own little place in a whole different town, meaning new people, new environment and maybe a little bit of a new lifestyle,all in all, my life is awesome, i cant say am not happy. i abandoned my blogging for a while(yes,a long while) but i had a lot on me. and i know since am working towards its growth, it would have improved if i had been consistent, but anyways, its better late than never right?Image


well, this is not much of an outfit post… its a HAPPY post… was just in simple cowboy boots and my fave dress at the moment. more posts and more fun are gonna come right up on this blog. Positivity and seriousness is now the theme of this blog. Thanks for passing by.


boots: foschini, Dress and vest: Mr price

Am Backkk!!!

Hey hey!!!

hey lovelies, since i last posted over a month ago,ImageImage i decided to make up for it and make two posts. I wore this outfit  a couple of weeks ago to school. i had fun taking these pics with my awesome Camera lady, my close friend Ruth. we had fun in our school’s basketball court.Image.ImageImageImageImage


Thanks for passing by, don’t forget to leave your comment.

much love!! xx


shoes/ gifted, jeans/ Charlotte Russe, blazer/ salaula, scarf/ salaula Vest/ local boutique

Hey hey!!!

High Waisted Pants

Hey guys, eish, i cant believe its been over a month since i did my last post. i must say,  i really missed my blog. Well its been one hectic month for me but enjoyable as well. ImageImageImageImagei attended a fashion show which i absolutely loved and maybe …just maybe i must make a post about it.  but am pretty sure you all have been awesome.

so whats the new post for a month later, well i must say its one of my favorite looks, i really wanted high waisted wide leg pants and when i saw these, i couldn’t leave them for any reason, salaula (thrifting) is just the right place to go for your must have trend i guess.  Image Continue reading “High Waisted Pants”

High Waisted Pants

On My Wishlist

Happy sunday guys, I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I had such a long week that I didn’t even have time to post an outfit that I intended to. But I just thought I could share with you some of the things that I have been dying to have. If I got my hands on them I swear, i’d literally die. Uum well, not literally. But well, a girl is allowed to dream, isn’t she?




But the major ones are split skirts, I so want a split skirt, I just love how it takes u back to the 90s and how just wearing it makes you chic, high waisted pants,  stilletto sandals, a black body fitting maxi skirt, crop tops, 10 of them wouldn’t be a bad idea to own and a pair of sneaker wedges. I mean they are just a must have in the wardrobe. Anyways… I hope I could get these looks and I’d be so happy to update u guys.

And on the other side, this is what am listening to… I have a very unusual playlist though!!
Kakambidwe – Pompi
Again and again – Jewel
Beneath your beautiful – Labrinth ft Emeli Sande
American honey – Lady antebullum
Fine China – Chris Brown
Antenna – Fuse ODG
Cowboy take me away – Dixie Chicks
He won’t go – Adele
Mistletoe- Justin Bieber
The house that built me – miranda Lambert
Wa mpaleha – Lira
Listen to your heart – Alicia keys
Disturbia – Rihanna
3:16 – Jhene Aiko
Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
Touch – Amerie
All over – Gyptian


Those are songs that I listen to over and over, and its like I listen to all songs Taylor Swift, she’s totally my girl.
Have an awesome weekend guys. Thanks for passing by… What’s on your current wishlist?

On My Wishlist

Combat Boots

hey lovelies… i bet you had  great weekend and so is your week going. well, mine has been extremely cold… am totally feeling June but overall, i am fine.ImageImage ImageImagewhen i first saw combat boots on celebrities and online, i tell you they were the last thing i thought i could buy.. but as time went by, i started to find them interesting especially on how  flexible they are to style. you can style them in so many ways and still look feminine. so i decided to purchase a pair for the winter season and i can say, they are not disappointing at all. Image so i paired them this time with leggings, a denim shirt and a black blazer, i think  a typical college girl look. Imagewhat do you think of the look? comment below


combat boots / Identity , Leggings/ Mr Price, denim Shirt/ salaula, blazer/ salaula, bangles and rings/ Mr price. 

Combat Boots

Denim On Leather

hey lovelies, i bet you having a great week, well, like i said on my last post, my friend and i attended miss intellect, just like any other day, i was struggling to find something to wear. it was held at night and definitely it was gonna get cold so i had to look for an outfit which was gonna help me with that. so i wore a denim top and leather leggings and cap toe pointed heels. i sort of tied it at the front to just add an extra oomph rather than it being plain.Image/ ImageImage,Image, Image i didnt get to take pictures at the event, i tell you we were freezing cold and none of us could hold a camera, unfortunately we didn’t even get to finish the show because my friend kept on mumbling about how cold it was and she just wanted to leave, but anyways, we didn’t miss out on alot though we missed out on the most important part…the crowning.ImageImage

Well, i made my own little photo shoot, thanks to my brother and my awesome cousin and relived the night with the same outfit. what do you think? comment below…

Denim On Leather